Stop Projecting Perfection.

We live in a society that encourages us to speak up and advocate for humanity. Yet we scold and punish people who get up and do it. The hypocrisy in society is just disgusting. How is anyone suppose to stand up for justice when people who refuse to stand up only have judgement and negativity to offer?

Society is fixated with social media likes and loves as a means of gaining approval. Since when was living life about approval? The only approval you need is yourself, and if you are a believer of God, then him too or any religious figure your worship.

People have to feel free to express themselves twenty four seven. We can’t build up our emotions and pain all because we are worried it might be hurtful or offensive to someone.

We need to practice compassion and empathy in our voices and messages to the world. Anger is not a bad feeling, however it needs to be contained and expressed in a positive manner. So yes, I’m angry, I’m angry at the way the world has become so cold towards feelings, emotions, mental health, and pain.

This white picket fence lifestyle is so cliche and hard to keep up with. There should be more stories of pain, hurt, and truth on social media. Not just wedding photos, baby pixs, and anything that touches on ONLY the happy moments of your life or other’s lives– THAT IS NOT REAL.

Having only happy memories and sharing them is NOT real.

Real is saying, ” Hey I am depressed and I am going to therapy weekly” — or ” I am in financial debt and I hope I do not lose my job, any pointers on how to find a full time job would be great” — I would love to see more status updates with these types of truth, you know why?

Because it would prevent SUICIDE. Yes Suicide. Projecting hurt and pain helps bring awareness to the person’s circle about their mental state which can prevent them or others from getting worse.

As a survivor or suicide, depression, anxiety, and still working on my PTSD, I LOVE EXPRESSING MY WEAKNESSES as much as celebrating my highlighting moments in life.

Be balanced people. You can’t just keep projecting to the world that life is perfect– because if it is for you — then it isn’t for someone else, so if you did the math we are still in a negative. Which means we need to come together and show that life has both good and bad and as a community of humans we need to help each-other, not pull each-other down.


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