Want to join us in making a global difference?

We’re raising money to benefit the Women’s Advocacy Club (WAC) and the Men’s Advocacy Club (MAC), and any donation will help us make an impact in our community and volunteer’s lives by providing them with scholarships (The Pink Scholarship and The MAC n’ Cheese Scholarship), transportation, resources, workshops, guest speakers, one on one mentoring, advertising material they need to help advocate for the good of humanity.WAC and MAC aim to support all work that has made an impact in our world and we hope to come together to fight the issues of mental health that prevail in our lives today.  

We focus on educating women, men, boys, and girls from all backgrounds so that we can then turn our attention to cultural, social and relational issues that are important to everyone’s well being. We also want to set straight that it is time to amplify marginalized voices so that they are heard and seen.

As our global non-profit charity organization continues to grow, we hope to connect with more like-minded people to raise importance to gender, mental health, physical health, and social justice issues. 

We envision and push forth the agenda that gender/justice-related topics will be more openly and comfortably addressed in regular daily conversations in order to diminish stigma, prejudice, discrimination, ostracization, sexism, oppression (systemic and individual), scapegoating, bullying, stereotyping, harassment, and taboo.

Our charity follows State and Federal civil rights laws. WAC and MAC does not unlawfully discriminate, exclude people, or treat them differently because of sex, race, class, Social Economic Status (SES), color, religion, ancestry, birth order, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, mental disability, physical disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. 

Thank you in advance for your time, contribution (big or small), and positive word of mouth to this highly important cause that means so much to us and our ONE world.

Sincerely with gratitude, 
Dr.Lena S.K-Magardechian and the WAC/MAC Team.

WAC is dedicated to spreading the word fast about our work! Help us gain momentum in helping women and men learn about the benefits of marketing a great cause. All your donations go straight back into the organization to fund marketing, events, charities, workshops and more!

Here’s how to get started: 

1. Decide on the donation amount and what sponsorship level you would like to be recognized for:

bronzeBronze Sponsors: MUST donate $100-$150 yearly.

silverSilver Sponsors: MUST donate $200-$550 yearly.

gold Gold Sponsors: MUST donate $600-$1000 yearly.

Here is a chart on the benefits for each level of sponsorship: Screenshot_20200817-113107_Dropbox

2. After you have selected your level of sponsorship, please go to our Go Fund Me or Pay Pal link  below and donate the selected amount.

Click here: 



3. Once you have made your donation, please go ahead and send your confirmation email to Dr.Lena@WomensAdvocacyClub.Org with the subject line stating your Level of Sponsorship (BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD) and SPONSORSHIP CONFIRMATION.  Then in the email, go ahead and attach the LOGO of your company, your company website, and what you would like us to share regarding your mission/services.

*Friends and Family who want to donate are welcome to do so for any amount*


501(c)3, FEIN: 82-4900239

We thank you for your interest and appreciate your time and consideration.