Logic ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid

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(Live At The MTV VMAs)



The feeling of not being heard or seen is almost like drowning where you feel powerless and feel like you are about to die.

Due to our society being polluted with words and phrases that minimize a woman’s/girl’s value, she is constantly reminded covertly and overtly that silence is better.

However, if silence is better, then doesn’t that mean we are telling women/girls to shut up and swallow their feelings?

From a clinical stance, feelings are to be expressed and discussed no matter what parties are involved in any kind of relationship at any age.

So NO ladies, NO NO NO, do not swallow your feeling so that you come off as being ” Nice” or “Obedient” – SPIT out the truth and say how you really feel.

Don’t DROWN yourself just to please another person who can’t handle you speaking your truth.

If they care, they will jump in the water with you and help you.