Focus on being authentic instead of always being liked. Focus on being genuine instead of having the upper hand. Focus on being happy instead of being right.
Focus on being yourself and how you can improve instead of changing everyone around you.
Believe that focus with intent on the things you want and need will be attained once you give it the proper attention and fuel. Like any plant, it must be loved, spoken to positively, watered, given nutrients and vitamin D from the sun in order for it to grow.
What makes you think humans don’t grow with the same formula as the plant? We humans and huwomans need nourishing relationships, good thoughts for our mind and soul, vitamins to grow and flourish.cropped-womens.jpg
Keep these doctors contacts with you at all times that I provide below. They have been my best friends everyday.
Dr. Sun- Gives me energy, light in darkness, warmth.
Dr. Water- Keeps me refreshed and cool, and is always transparent with me.
Dr. Sleep- Helps me stay rested and take a break from all the stimuli society has to share, especially with social media.
Dr. Earth- Keeps me grounded. Reminds me that the ground always stays down and is humble. Assures me that gravity is always the rule and fact of life.
Dr. Food- Keeping me fueled in the morning all throughout night. When I remember that I am not functioning properly, I just call Dr. Food and fill up on my nutrients. We all need Dr. Food to stay happy and not be ANGRY.
Dr. AIR- BREATH in and Out. It’s free and can do wonders for you daily. Focus on it and it can solve a lot of your issues. Just ask @John Kabat-Zinn! ( )
Dr. Love- Give it to get it. The soul gets thirsty for attention and wants to know that it is needed and wanted. Feeling empty in this area in your life? Then make it a priority to get it FILLED UP! Call a friend, a past lover, a soulmate, a partner, a mentor, a colleague, a cousin. Fill that void with the energy of love and appreciation. We ALL need it.

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