The P B & J Store

The Pink, Black/BLUE, and Justice (PB&J) is a UNISEX Storefront that was originally created in 2015 to promote clothing and fun gear that falls in line with the vision of the Women’s Advocacy Club (WAC). WAC was established in 2013 with the mission of empowering women through these colors and clothes. Additionally, we are proud to now bring in our new organization, Men’s Advocacy Club (MAC) to our storefront as well. All gear from MAC pushes the agenda of empowering men through the colors of black, blue, and cheese (YELLOW).

Basically, we have PB & J with MAC n’ CHEESE Gear on our menu! Enjoy and Stay Hungry Friends!!


Dr.Lena SK. Magardechyan and the WAC/MAC Team.


Women’s Advocacy Club at Alliant International University, LA

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Join the WAC movement. Wear your Pink and Black colors proudly that represent a great charity cause.  We stand stronger together as diverse women when we have a single mission of empowerment, breaking gender norms, and stopping violence/hate crimes of injustice. So join the gang, click on the link below to be directed to our storefront now!