Don’t Tell Her How to do Her Job

Wait. What? I didn’t ask for your input or advice, did I? Didn’t think so. So thank you, but NO THANK YOU. This is her life, her game, her way.

Women often times than not are subjected to being “told” what to do and/or “how” to do something.  Imposing that there is a “wrong” or “right” way.  This is complete NON-SENSE because women don’t need a man or anyone to tell them how to do the following:


How to do their job 

What career path they should take 

Who they should and shouldn’t interact/collaborate with

How they should parent their child or children

How they should look 

How they should dress

How they should behave in public

How they should behave in private

And anything else that requires independent decision making 

Women need space, as does anyone else on our planet Earth, to have the freedom to express artfully (through various mediums: language, music, dance, poetry, art of drawing, sketching, writing, etc) what they feel, think, and believe Women in society deserve respect for any decisions they make and need to be given privilege to do so. 

Women are delicate creatures, and they deserve to be celebrated for their beauty of expressions. This should not be mixed up with weakness when women show the following expressions: Fear, anxiety, tears, hurt, cry, or pain.  These emotions are important for women to have and experience just as much as it is important for them to be a happy, loving, joyful, and upbeat.

Should a woman fail when she makes her decision? SO WHAT. Life is meant to make mistakes over and over and over!!! Women are not programmed to be perfect nor will they ever be and that’s what makes them beautiful.  So please, be mindful and kind to your fellow women and girls.  Let them do as their heart desire and keep your “judgements” and “corrections” to yourself.  After all, no one asked for them.



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