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Greetings! Welcome to our website where we hope to inform you more about us and our goals.  My name is Dr. Lena Magardechian (my pronouns are She, Her, and Hers. I identify as a cis-heterosexual-female-woman) and I have a Doctorate in Psychology of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from Alliant International University (AIU) (Some may know it as: California School of Professional Psychology- CSPP). I founded the organization Women’s Advocacy Club (WAC) in 2013 at Alliant International University and have now turned it into a Non-Profit Charity Organization.  As an advocate for social justice and mental health, I thrive off of promoting and encouraging gender awareness, advocacy work/research, and empowerment. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me on how to volunteer, collaborate, put on events/workshops, blog or get involved.  

Financial & Budget Consultant     Mr. Leo K. Magardechian

My name is Leo Kevin Magardechyan (my pronouns are He, His and Him. I identify as a cis-heterosexual male-man) and I am the Financial and Budget Consultant of WAC. My duties include but are not limited to: managing and tracking our incoming financials, incoming revenue from sales and events, budgeting our outgoing expenses, and supporting all activities within our non-profit organization charity.  I am a California State University of Northridge (CSUN) veteran who has already been attending the school for three years to finish my Kinesiology Bachelors of Science degree within the next year.  I am transferring to Las Vegas, Nevada‘s Doctorate Graduate Program in Physical Therapy. In my spare time, I love playing soccer, volunteering, and spending time with my family. My goal is to constantly support and grow the WAC program as well as expand the Men’s Advocacy Club



Head Administrator
Mrs. Bee K. Magardechian

My name is Bianca Khodabakhshyan (my pronouns are She, Her, and Hers.  I identify as a cis-heterosexual-female-woman) and I am the Head Administrator for WAC! I handle all incoming and outgoing correspondence, orientation, and scheduling for organization meetings, events, and tasks. Therefore, please feel free to come to me for any information or questions. Outside of WAC, I am a Patient Service Specialist in the healthcare field. I attended the California State University, Northridge and obtained my B.S. for Healthcare Administration in Spring 2019. I am in my pursuit of obtaining my Masters/Doctorate degree in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have a passion to help others and joining WAC only increased that! I am proud to be part of this non-profit charity organization because I know my efforts and participation aid in the movement for equal empowerment. 




Chief Content Director
Ms. Arpi Khodagulyan

My name is Arpi Khodagulian (my pronouns are She, Her, and Hers. I identify as a cis-heterosexual-female-woman) and I am the Chief Content Director of WAC. My job is to take care of all aspects that include customizing the content and getting the purpose of WAC across to the community. This includes creating business cards for the WAC team, conducting interviews with people of the community, along with getting the story of WAC across to others. Outside of WAC, I am currently double majoring in Psychology and Criminal Law with a prestigious online program connected with Chapman University. Joining this Non-Profit Charity Organization is furthering my passion of helping others and empowering people of all walks of life. 



Screenshot_20181113-213358_DriveMember Recruitment Director               Mr. Bryce S. Nicholson

I’m Bryce Stanton James Nicholson  (my pronouns are He, His and Him. I identify as a cis-heterosexual male-man). I am the Member Recruitment Director and I’ve got a burning curiosity for all things worldly, strange, and extravagant. With a keen interest in psychology, sociology, writing, and popular media, I find the constantly changing and transforming nature of our current society to be absolutely fascinating. Even through the dips and dives that we all go through, I think that it’s important to pay attention to which way the world is turning at any given moment, whilst indulging in my fair share of classic cinema and literature. Some say that I’m brimming with creativity and energy that can be put towards any subject, and others say that I have an overactive imagination – but I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is the truth there. 


297748e98cc7fbcb36055ce66d3dffd980283f14-1S_1280Social Media Director                                   Ms. Anna Safaryan

My name is Anna Safarian (my pronouns are She, Her, and Hers.  I identify as a cis-heterosexual-female-woman) and I am the Social Media Director for WAC. I handle all the information and content that goes on our social media pages. I find it fascinating how social media affects our community nowadays! Hence, the reason why broadcasting weekly posts is so important for WAC making a powerful and global change. Outside of WAC, I  attend California State University, Northridge majoring in Financial Analysis, aiming to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Spring 2020. Aside from my educational goals, I have a passion for video and photo editing. Also, on my spare time, I write blogs about things that interest me, such as cinematography, history, astronomy, and poetry. I am proud to be part of this non-profit charity organization because I want to be associated with something that can support the people who are in need of some confidence boost and to show the society that things can always change in a better direction. 



Ms. Brittni Javier                      Chief Event Sponsor Coordinator

My name is Brittni Javier (my pronouns are She, Her, and Hers. I identify as a cis-heterosexual-female-woman).  I am a self-employed hairstylist, part-time nanny, and an alum from Azusa Pacific University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I am passionate about helping others find and achieve the best version of themselves. Additionally, I am passionate about my cosmetology career because it gives me the opportunity to make my clients feel beautiful inside and out. I have been a nanny for several families over the past 8 years and it has brought me a lot of joy. I believe everyone has the potential for happiness and success and I truly enjoy pushing others to find those components in life.  I am so grateful that I have been presented the opportunity to be the Chief Event Sponsor Coordinator for WAC. WAC creates an environment for individuals from all walks of life to collaborate with innovative ideas and passions that serve an impactful purpose. My position entails seeking out organizations that are interested in sponsoring WAC as well as organizing events for WAC members to attend.

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