An Interview about WAC with Dr. Magardechian: By Forensics Psychologist, Robert Benjamin

Who are you, and what do you do surrounding career counseling?

Dr. Lena Magardechian, founder of Women’s Advocacy Club (WAC). Growing up Dr. Lena was faced with challenges, including discrimination, harassment, bullying, belittling, and sexism. Due to these experiences she felt compelled to make changes globally by not only pursuing her own psychology doctorate, but also starting an organization that stood up for justice, humanity, empowerment and kindness.

What is the mission statement surrounding your organization?

According to Dr. Lena, “the WAC organization continues to grow and we hope to connect with more people in the community to continue to support women and men from all walks of life on important gender and social justice issues that must be addressed”.

What demographics do you work with?

She works with all demographics of gender (women, men, transgender, and non-binary), ethnicity, ages, disabilities, races and nationalities. All of which can benefit in their own personal growth through networking, activities, events, and meetings. Dr. Lena sets the foundation of diversity education and exposure that helps the client better navigate their personal and career growth. Those who contribute their time and energy to the growth of the organization benefit not only through being educated and mindful of their surroundings, but also benefit having a reliable reference. In addition, students and volunteers are provided with a signed acknowledgment of participation. Social and professional advancement.

What methods do you use to help clients?

Top priority: gain information of what the client wants to get out of the organization. Once that is established, Dr. Lena focuses on the strengths of members of the club. This provides a nurturing and safe environment for the clients to grow with more gender awareness in a culturally sensitive society. Dr. Lena also has leaders, who create their own titles within the organization that support the needs and the mission of the club (e.g., content director, sales director, etc).

What are common challenges faced by your clients?

Sometimes people think they can solve their personal needs and goals in the course of a week. However, through patience, maintenance, and a positive attitude, students have benefited from the organization. For example, students learn public speaking, marketing, networking, professionalism, writing, and advocating.  

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