So what? Things haven’t been too gravy or mac and yummy..lately. It happens to us all. Whether it’s related to work, school, family, friends or love. Life can be quite a shaker upper!! BUT come back like a boomerang. It’s okay to fall what’s not okay is to think you belong there and don’t deserve another chance with life. This time around you will be stronger to deal with whatever ocean wave comes your wave.  Every fall is a teaching lesson, and if we take the time to reflect and listen to our inner voices we will know what that lesson was.  Besides, we weren’t born to know everything, we were born to experience and grow from those experiences.  That’s why we are all so unique because we all fall in our own way and develop our own ladders of how to climb back up. Perhaps you have a good friend that can help you in that process, or a therapist..maybe a sibling…doesn’t matter who it is or if you are doing it completely alone. Keep in mind there is always a NEW DAY which means NEW YOU.

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