Reach Higher and Dream Big

Let your soul go free. Don’t conform to standards of society. Don’t be a cookie cutter version of what everyone is. Be yourself, literally means do what your heart desires without questioning it or thinking what others will think of you. Chase the vision in your head that won’t stop appearing not the vision others think you should chase. Being creative is not WRONG. Being different is not WRONG. Telling people they have to all be the same when we clearly are not is WRONG. Don‘t explain your differences to people, instead embrace them and be true to them by loving yourself. The truth is people always have a reason to talk about you, so that shouldn’t be the reason you stop being yourself because sooner or later their chit chatter will die out and you are left with yourself. And the question you will be asking yourself is, why did I let those “people” stop me from being my true, wild, authentic self? Don’t worry, it happens to us all. Be lucky when you wake up from society’s hypnosis to conform and start spreading your wings and FLY HIGH. Higher than you can imagine. Our limitations were instilled in us, and taught to us by people who lived in fear from breaking the box. Don’t be that person. Break the box. Want to be the next president? Do it. Want to own a store or a corporation? Want to be a brain surgeon at the age of 40 due to a career change? Go do it. Nothing is ” too late” . No dream is “Too Big” because we were meant to dream and achieve. Now go out there and make me proud.


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