A Woman’s Want Is A Man’s Reality


(Image showing pay inequality from https://socl120.wordpress.com/category/sexism/)


Society today has accepted the fact that women and men are treated differently, especially in their work. Women are seen as inferior to men, but in reality, are they? The answer is no. Women are capable of doing the same quality and quantity of work as men. As a female in a work environment dominated by males, there are 3 main actions I have learned to take to create a comfortable work environment for myself.

1) Speak your mind

  • Don’t ever be intimidated to speak your mind. If you have something to say then go for it. The response back may not be what you were expecting but at least you said your view of the matter.

2) Don’t always say yes

  • No one expects you to be available at all times of the day. If you are asked to stay and you can’t then just say no. Don’t feel bad as you are not the only one who has rejected the offer to work more.

3) Never let yourself feel left out

  • The job may be male dominated, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel like you can’t socialize with them. There will always be a topic, whether about an event in life or something that occurred at work, to talk about and bond.



Author: Ms. Arpi Khodagulyan, Cheif Content Director of WAC 

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