Fitness, self-love, and positive body image: A blog by Heather M.

First of all, thank you WAC for letting me write this blog. Second, let me just say that I LOVE CROSSFIT, however, this blog is not going to be about that, IT IS HOWEVER, going to be what I learned while being part of the Crossfit Community. SO LETS BEGIN!
I never felt comfortable in my own skin or body, I was insecure, and went through phases where I was either unhealthy, overweight, or overly skinny. I often compared myself to other women. WHICH WE ALL TEND TO DO! Let’s stop that, okay ladies? According to the objectification theory, as women we are socialized to compare ourselves to others and more than often we are objectified by society or our culture. BUT GUESS WHAT?!? Research also shows that women are the most common perpetrators in objectifying other women. I can say this because this is a huge chunk of my dissertation and I have research to back this up. Isn’t that sad? It’s natural for us to compare ourselves to other women because why not? WOMEN are like unicorns, we are majestic and unique creatures. Sometimes though, we don’t see each other as that, we look at other women as our competition. We objectify women by how they dress, how their body shape looks like, where they are in their academic and or occupational career, AND if you perceive them as slightly better than you, and I to am guilty of this, we tend to get NASTY! We start putting other women down, instead of empowering them. We start to draw conclusions about them before getting to know their story, and we isolate them because why would you want her around? So this where Crossfit comes in!
Every day, I go to my gym in Pasadena, where I am surrounded by incredibly strong and hardworking women who come from all walks of life. We have nurses, lawyers, social workers, accountants, pharmacists, students, moms, sisters, aunts, and grandmas. We all come in for the same reason, to distress, to work on ourselves, to become better and stronger. We also come from different fitness backgrounds, however, the one thing that stands out the most is that NO ONE is trying to compete with each other, but instead we empower and push each other. We push each other during the last burpees, we push each other during the last stretch of the run, and we encourage each other to GET BACK UP and KEEP EVERYTHING TIGHT so we can get back up during a heavy squat. So why am I saying all this? LADIES, let’s stop bringing each other down but instead let’s encourage each other TO GET BACK UP! Let’s empower, support, and push each other to become better, stronger, and be the MAJESTIC creatures we can be TOGETHER!
Shakas! Heather M.


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