Reflections From AMBER ROSE’S #SLUTWALK 2016

outlookemoji-1473036514111_small_wac-jpgFounder and CEO, Ms. Lena : When I went to the Amber Rose Slut Walk 2016 I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a little scary for me personally because this time I was representing a school and club as a vendor with my team. I was surprised at the turn out our booth had and how many people were interested in learning more about us. Although at times it was hard to stay present due to the heat, I was able to see past my discomfort and reap joy from the level of positive emotions I felt. This event meant a lot to me because it helped me deconstruct words of hurt from both men and women from my past. It brought to light the very issue of hate against women and gender inequality. I was liberated and felt validated for all my internalized feelings of inadequacy for being a minority middle eastern female. I felt part of a community that day, a community that wasn’t afraid to speak truth about being fed up with double standards, crimes against women, unequal pay, and etc. This event was life changing for me, it was a intervention that helped me see my inner beauty and deconstruct all the labels that were attached to me growing up.
Co-President, Ms. Harriet: I am so happy that we are able to have a safe space to celebrate gender equality and work towards ending rape culture in a judgment-free environment. I look forward to attending Slut Walk again next year!
Co-President, Ms. Bahar: The 2016 Slbaharut Walk was at first a culture shock for me. Coming from a conservative Iranian background where the topics of sex and sexuality are seen as taboo for women, I was at first uncomfortable being in an environment that was so open about sexual experience. However, seeing others celebrate and embrace these elements of themselves was really powerful, and helped dissolve a lot of the shame I tend to associate with women’s sexuality.


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